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From the small town of Sequim, Washington, Kai James Fuller draws his inspiration from his experiences growing up in small-town rural America. The Tin Shed Band’s sound is heavily influenced by outlaw country artists Waylon Jennings, Johnny Cash, and Merle Haggard as well as southern rock acts ranging from Credence Clearwater Revival to the Allman Brothers. Kai’s lyrics cover topics that today’s working man can relate to while keeping the tone upbeat and fun. There are also some other dudes in the band…


Tin Shed began making noise in late 2008, as Kai Fuller came together with other locals Jamie Jimenez (drums), Charles Oxley (guitar), and Brian Yangas (Bass) at Evolution Studios in Redmond, WA.

Over the following months Tin Shed saw several personal changes. With Brian Yangas and Jamie Jimenez leaving the band, Kai began playing the bass and Toronto native Brian Marshall (drums) was called in, and after just one practice session, it was clear that Tin Shed had its drummer.

Over the next few years, Tin Shed went on to play many venues in the Seattle area, rocking those who showed. And in 2009 began work on their debut album. By the spring of 2011, the CD was released, and the band had played 12 shows, ranging from the Rendezvous, to the Showbox, to Fuel, to Flights Pub. In the Summer of 2011, Tin Shed embarked on a small local tour to promote their album, playing the High Dive in Ballard, and Vagabond Sound in Oak Harbor.

2011 & Beyond

In the Fall of 2011, Kai Fuller decided to take his music in new directions, and start the band again from scratch. Since then he has worked with musicians such as Swedberg Grove, Johnny Horn, Tommy Detamore, Brian Marshall, Kami Sheppard, Walt Dryfoos, and Troy Engle. His new EP “High Plains Drifter” is due in the Spring of 2014.